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Ambrogio Twenty 25 Elite



The Ambrogio Twenty 25 is compact, precise and advanced. The cutting blade on this robot is impressively large at 25 cm.

The robot features a solid steel 4 knife star 25cm blade. This means precision cutting is an effortless experience, all conveniently controlled by an easy-to-use keypad and LED panel.

With wide rubber flex rear wheels providing extra traction, this device can easily navigate even the most uneven terrain easily. With a tactile front bumper and internal accelerometer, the Twenty 25 can easily detect the presence of objects on the lawn.

The pivoting front axle allows all four wheels to be on the ground while passing over undulating ground. When you want to move the robot from lawn to lawn its low weight and ergonomic handles of the Twenty 25 allow it to be picked up with ease.

The base station itself mirrors the compact profile of the robot, meaning it won’t look out of place in any home garden. Make the most of your garden with this machine – housing a powerful 5ah battery which provides a work time of up to three hours, it can easily cut up to 1800 square meters of grass.

The Ambrogio Twenty 25 has GSM Connect that comes as standard means you can expect full connectivity with the Ambrogio App. You’ll find software updates, be able to control the robot remotely, see it navigate in real time and have control of its scheduling.

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