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Robot Mowers For Large/Steep Gardens

Looking for a Robot Lawn Mower in Hampshire? The latest robotic lawn mower technology gives a picture-perfect lawn for your home or business without spending all your time and money on it. Which Robot Mower is ideal for your garden? Use our online tool to find out Measure My Lawn

Test Valley Garden Machinery are Hampshire’s No 1 Robot Mower specialists. We have Robotic Mowers without Perimeter Wire, Robot Lawn Mowers for small gardens and Robot Lawn Mowers for Medium_Sized gardens

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robot-mower-ambrogio-twenty-29-deluxe (1)

TWENTY 29 DELUXE – £2499

For lawns up to 2500m2, up to 45% slope

robot-mower-ambrogio-twenty-29-deluxe (1)

TWENTY 29 ELITE – £3199

For lawns up to 3500m2, up to 45% slope


4.0 ELITE – £3899

For lawns up to 3500m2, up to 45% slope

4.36 ELITE – £4799

For areas up to 6000m2, up to 45% slope

hampshire-robot-mowers-ambrogio-quad-elite (1)

QUAD ELITE – £4799

For areas up to 3500m2, up to 75% slope



For Areas Up To 5 Acres

Whether you’re looking after your back garden, or maintaining a sports pitch, achieving a pristine lawn used to involve hours of mowing and emptying grass clippings.

What’s more, due to the fuel usage and harmful emissions released by petrol & diesel lawnmowers, maintaining a beautiful lawn has, until now, added to your carbon footprint.

But thanks to the latest robotic technology you can now enjoy stunning lawns and Never Mow Again.

Robot Mowers without perimeter wires
Robot Mowers for Medium-Sized Gardens (1)