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Why Choose a Robot Lawn Mower?

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Never mow again

Mowing your lawn can be time consuming and hard work. Imagine never having to mow again!! A healthy lawn can be yours automatically with a high quality robot mower.  Robotic lawn mowers such as the Ambrogio Twenty range and MowBot aren’t just automatic lawnmowers.  They’re a robotic tool that does the work for you — without your supervision, around the clock.

Working when you choose, whatever the weather

Come rain or shine, random travelling allows your robot lawn mower to reach every corner of your garden.

Your automatic lawn mower can comfortably handle wet and rainy conditions. Talk to Test Valley Garden Machinery to discover our range of robotic mowers for difficult terrain and slopes. Robot mowers such as Ambrogio or MowBot are so quiet that they can work in the night without disturbing your sleep. You can control your mowers operation through the Ambrogio mower app on your smartphone.

Reduce your environmental footprint

Robot mowers decrease your carbon footprint and contamination of our waterways. They are battery-powered therefore no exhaust and spills from fossil fuels. By switching to a robot mower, you are making your garden healthier and the environment too.

Keeps your lawn healthy

Your robot lawn mower will constantly cut the grass as it grows. Traditional lawn mowing usually takes off several centimetres which need to be collected and removed, the clippings from robotic mowers are only a few millimetres long. These clippings are left to mulch down into the grass, fertilizing your lawn.

No more collecting clippings

Robotic mowers leave short clippings that you won’t notice; no need to collect them anymore. They make a free, natural and sustainable fertilizer.