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Robot Mower installation Andover

What’s the best robot mower installation option for me?


In the excitement of choosing your new robot mower don’t forget to have a think about the installation process afterwards.

We can advise on the most suitable robot mower installation to give you years of happy use. Installation can be a sizeable proportion of your overall investment on a smaller robotic lawn mower.

There’s no installation necessary with our Ambrogio L60 which is ‘drop & go’ or our new Twenty ZR which doesn’t need a perimeter wire.

At Test Valley Garden Machinery, we’re here to make your decision as clear as possible.  Contact Us to discuss your mower purchase and we advise you on the best robot mower for you combined with the ideal installation route.


If you choose our installation service we will set up the robot and ensure it is ready for use. This includes:

  • Laying the perimeter cables with our professional cable laying machine. This ensures the cables are buried directly into the soil cleanly, allowing the grass to grow back over quickly and leaving your lawn free of cables.
  • Installing the base station.
  • Setting up your mower, and running a post-installation check to make sure everything works smoothly.
  • Explaining through the basic settings with you, so you feel confident using your mower.
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