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Robot Mowers for your Andover Lawn

Test Valley Garden Machinery can help you maintain your garden or grounds in smart mode. With robot lawn mowers for grounds from 600m2 these models are best suited to individuals. Look forward to saving time and money…..you will wonder why you didn’t try one before. The time has come for you to delegate your lawn mowing task and make the most of your lawn.


Robot Mowers for Andover Sports Clubs

Robot Mowers are the perfect solution for your ground care for all sports played on grass. More and more Andover and Hampshire clubs use robot mowing technology to improve the quality of their grass and make significant savings in time, money and manpower. Offering a uniform cut, 3 – 5 mows a week and savings of up to 50%, Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers provide the best maintenance for your sports ground without human intervention.

Some models cut systematically in parallel tracks giving efficiency to manage football and rugby pitches or any other large green space. You can programme work areas and set a schedule where various times and different grass heights are specified. Schedule one pitch for a morning cut, and another for an afternoon cut at a different cutting height. Frequent automatic high-precision mowing guarantees the perfect result while only cutting a small amount each time.


Robot Mowers for Andover Golf Clubs

Welcome to a new world of Golf Club green management. Large green spaces mowed automatically in a remote-controlled and more efficient way is sure to revolutionise commercial turf care. With huge area capacity, Ambrogio robotic mowers are hot news for all green space professionals. Automatic cutting and virtual boundary setting deliver excellent results and easier green management on larger surfaces. With low noise and zero emissions robot mowers offer the latest technology and future economies.