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MowBot 1200 Colour


The perfect lawn with ease. Ideal for Smaller Gardens


The MowBot robotic mowers are ideal for achieving a perfect looking lawn without the usual time and effort. The quiet operation means it can mow day or night without being heard and help to produce a beautiful finish to your lawn.

The Mowbot 1200 in Metallic Red, Metallic Green or Racing Green colour is quick and easy to install and set up with virtually no tools required. Simply install the boundry cable to mark out the edge of the lawn with the included pegs and you’re ready to go.
The Mowbot is environmentally friendly. Without the need for petrol, the Mowbot runs entirely without the need to emit carbon emissions, protecting the planet without the noise and smell of dangerous petrol fuel.

Mowbot can cut your lawn day or night while you sit back and relax….and don’t worry about the weather, if it starts to rain the built in rain sensors will automatically send your Mowbot back to its included charging station.

Connect your phone to the Mowbot App (IOS and Android) using the in-built Bluetooth on the Mowbot. Use the app to control the Mowbot’s mowing duration, time of mowing and return to home settings.

Mowbot really is the complete robotic lawnmower for your garden. Just sit back and relax and let Mowbot take the hard work out of cutting your lawn.

The Floral, Camouflage and Carbon Black covers are £84.99 extra.

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