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Robot Mower Installation

Robot Mower Installation in Andover – Liza’s Story

“Digby My Robot Mower”

Having had a huge envy over a neighbours robot mower I decided that I needed to explore the world of robot mowers.  I asked some good friends of mine who had recently set up a garden machinery business and had serviced my sit-on if they could give me some advice on which mower would best suit my garden and what the costs would be. They were quick off the mark and  offered me a free no obligation survey. After measuring the lawn and assessing gradients trees and various obstacles they came back to me with a very competitive quote for an Ambrogio Robot mower. I have to say it looked like a Ferrari and much more designer orientated than the other robot mowers on the market. I also watched a video which explained that Ambrogio are very reliable robot mowers and have a lot of design advantages over the other mowers on the market. I was happy to proceed and paid a deposit of roughly half the amount of installation and cost of the mower.

A couple of weeks later and it was installation time. Three charming gents turned up on a lovely autumnal day and I was introduced to my new robot mower. I named our new mower “Digby” and introduced him to our family. The lads were extremely helpful and got to work installing the boundary wire around my garden. They had all the equipment including a wire laying machine which left little proof that they had even laid a cable! They then installed the base station – this is where Digby sleeps every night and recharges himself when needs be. I have a top part of my garden by our swimming pool which I was keen on Digby being able to mow. Much to my delight the guys were able to create a grass track up the steps so that Digby could travel up and down said stairs and mow all the grass in the top garden by the pool.  I particularly liked the guys attention to detail on the install as they were able to spot potential hazards like tree roots and wet patches. They were then able to cut these off from Digby’s work-load by bordering these off with the perimeter wire.

The installation took most of the day and then with a cup of tea in hand I was given a lesson in how to control Digby and send him out to work. This is all done amazingly well from my phone which gives me notifications if Digby gets into any trouble.

The guys left and Digby was sent to work cutting our lawn on a mid height setting: Leaves are no problem for Digby as he simply mulches these up in his cutting where he goes. A week later and I have to say I am chuffed to bits. Digby has been very much welcomed in by the family and has done a sterling job so far. The lawn looks great, all one level and no nasty patches. I am fascinated by him and find myself watching in total amazement as he goes about his daily mow. I have him working every day from 9am till 5pm and charging himself when needs be. At some point we will bring him inside for the winter months even though he is able to carry on through the harshest of weathers – I think he will need a rest by then and it might be a bit cold out there.

I couldn’t recommend Test Valley Garden Machinery highly enough. They have been absolute stars and are always on hand to deal with any queries or give advice. Robot mowers are most definitely the way ahead and Digby is going to be a life changer.

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