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Ambrogio 4.36 Elite 4WD


The 4.36 Elite 4WD has so much on offer, compared to the average robotic lawnmower.

Featuring a jointed deck, the power steered front wheels and rear axle can move independently, which makes it ideal for undulating ground. Its high quality wide rubber wheels also give further traction, compared to hard plastic castor wheels which are common amongst other brands of robotic mowers.

Impressively it can work on inclines up to 65%, thanks to its extra high and wide back wheels which add even more grip.

Ambrogio robots are made from only premium parts and high grade materials that have been thoroughly tested at the Ambrogio factory in Italy and the UK. Your purchase is backed by a 6 year warranty, so you know it’s a robot that you can count on.

The robot cuts with high quality solid steel blades. Compared to robots from other brands that don’t use the solid blade system blade longevity is vastly improved. You can expect a whole season of use, whereas smaller replaceable blades will need changing every few weeks.

Also as the blades are much larger they maximize the cutting area, ensuring a clean and uniform cutting action. This robot has a 36cm diameter blade, which is a truly spectacular size for a robotic mower.

The robot is powerful too, with a phenomenal work time of up to 4 hours and a work area of 6000 square meters. Ease of use and functionality is at the heart of this cutting-edge robot. It features a large high quality touch screen, and with connectivity to the Ambrogio App it can be managed remotely.

The robot also features electric height of cut, which can be changed within the app or on the robots control panel. GSM Connect that comes as standard means you can expect full connectivity with the Ambrogio App. You’ll find software updates, be able to control the robot remotely, and see it navigate in real time. Even pair it up with other robots from the Ambrogio range with +infinitysystem.

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