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Segway Navimow H800E Robot Mower

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Quick, wire-free setup

Segway Navimow H800E, the truly automated robotic mower, uses a virtual boundary, eliminating the need for complicated perimeter wiring.

Easy to operate and manage, Navimow gives you more free time to do the things you love and an effortlessly impeccable lawn with every use.

Use the app to connect Navimow with your smart phone, and then just follow the instructions in the app. Setup is a breeze.

Compared with GPS, the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Positioning System significantly improves positioning accuracy.

Combining data from multiple sensors, Navimow can handle even the most complex terrains while mowing in the most efficient pattern possible.

Navimow’s smart navigation algorithm can plan the most efficient cutting route, eliminating repetitive movements and delivering impressive results.

Well-planned mowing patterns ensure an evenly-cut lawn and prevent missed cuts.

Each time a mowing task is done, the mowing direction automatically changes so your lawn can stay healthy and always look fresh.

Intelligence grows with each OTA update, your Navimow upgrades itself through Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Thanks to years of expertise that Segway has gained in short-distance transportation, Navimow is powerful enough to conquer even the most complex terrains.

When encountering any hard object, the mower will reverse and continue in another direction.

Safety measures like the lifting sensor and the bumper sensor can ensure the utmost safety for you and for your lawn.

If the mower moves outside its virtual boundary, you will receive an alert along with real-time location information in the app.

The 54 dB(A) noise level is so quiet that weekends may never sound the same.

The Segway Navimow H800E is backed up by a 3 year limited warranty

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